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    Aerniskliwbi - Prot warrior

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    Your age: 20

    Armory Link of Main:

    Armory Links of Notable Alts:
    None at the moment.

    World of Logs/WMO Parses:
    Note that the off-tank died in phase 2 and we just decided to keep going. I solo-tanked the rest of the fight, so my numbers are a little bloated. This is in 25-man.

    Screenshot of your UI:
    Here’s a video of our Tortos kill, so you can see my UI in motion. I’m featured in the second half of the video.

    Your weekly raid availability (Tues/Thurs/Sun 8-12pm EST):
    I should be able to make the times listed with regularity, unless I have something I need to get done for school. It is important to note that my education and grades ARE important to me. This means that, on the eve of an exam, I may need to sit out of part or all of one raid night to study for my exams. However, note that it is possible that none of my exams follow a raid night at all, and the raids missed in a year may amount to 8-12 at the absolute maximum (if all raids were on a worst-case scenario basis). A more realistic estimate is somewhere around 5. However, this isn’t even guaranteed to happen and will be a fairly minor setback. I’ll also try to stagger my studying such that this isn’t a necessity. Other than this, my raid attendance should be stellar, and it’s very likely I won’t miss any raid other than these. I may even take a risky move if we’re really pushing during progression.
    I will be able to give you notification 24-48 hours in advance, if not earlier.

    I do have a few coming up in the next few weeks, namely a 6pm (EST) one on the 17th that may cause me to be late for raid. I also have one on the 19th that I will have to study for the night prior, so I may miss the raid on the 18th. Lastly, I have one on the 24th, but it starts in the afternoon, so we’ll see about that one. That should be all I will miss for this tier.

    What add-ons do you rely on most?

    My first and favourite addon is protwarbar; it is essentially a specialized weakauras for prot warriors. It includes a rage tracker, vengeance and potential shield barrier calculator at any given moment, a shield meter, and convenient bars to show uptimes of tank cooldowns and active mitigation such as shield block and shield barrier (you can see this at work in the video as that ugly thing under my health bar).
    WeakAuras is a terrific addon for making fight-specific warnings and icons, in addition to tracking procs and other abilities that can be placed anywhere. I use it to keep me max out my class and awareness in fights as best I can in many areas.
    I use Tidyplates for add and debuff management.
    Mik's Scrolling Battle Text is a great addon for monitoring my damage as it's going out, and I use that in conjunction with the Avoidance/Mitigation plugins for Skada to see how the damage is being broken down and where I can improve.
    Deadly Boss Mods is also a useful addon because it lets me plan accordingly to react to boss abilities in advance.

    What resources do you use to keep up to date on how to play your class?
    I like to look at tankspot and MMO-Champion (this thread in particular, and I also keep in touch with other warrior tanks and swap information into how we deal with certain mechanics and fights and class trends.

    What previous raid experience do you have?

    For raid experience, I will describe what encounters I have done and what role I have had in that encounter, (e.g., Void Reaver (Main tank, and off tanked)). Most of the times I am listed as "DPS", I am still prot spec (especially in Vanilla, because of horrendous inconsistency in number of tanks required per fight); really, that mostly just means I wasn’t MTing that time and performed as if I were DPS for that particular phase. Unless otherwise mentioned, I have done that encounter on both 10 and 25 man. Achievements were all gotten as current content if they are mentioned.


    Onyxia (Whelp Tank, Main tank)

    Molten Core:
    Lucifron (Main tank, add tank)
    Magmadar (Main tank)
    Gehennas (Main tank, add tank)
    Garr (Main tank, add tank)
    Baron Geddon (backup tank)
    Shazzrah (Backup tank for when he teleported, it was my job to bring him back to the MT)
    Sulfuron Harbinger (Main tank, add tank)
    Golemagg: (Core hound tank)
    Majordomo: (One of the add tanks, or backup tank for the MT when the MT was teleported to the firepit)
    Ragnaros: (Son tank in Phase 2)

    Kurinnaxx (One of the MTs)
    General Rajaxx (Add tank, Commander tank, main tank)
    Buru the Gorger: (Kiter, spawn tank)
    Moam: (Mana Fiend Tank)
    Ayamiss the Hunter: (No tank needed, so I DPSed)
    Ossirian the Unscarred: (Kiting him to the crystals, pinging the crystals)
    Bat Boss (add tank, main tank)
    Snake Boss (Snake tank, Main tank kiting him around the fire)
    Spider Boss (Main tank, backup tank to pick her up after the charge)
    Tiger Boss (Healer add tank, rogue add tank, Boss tank)
    Panther Boss (Add tank)
    Bloodlord Mandokir (Raptor tank, main tank)
    Jin'do the Hexxer (Backup tank)
    Edge of Madness: Wushoolay (Main tank)
    Gahz'Ranka (Main tank)
    Hakkar: Main tank/backup tank

    Burning Crusade

    Attumen the Huntsmen (I’ve tanked both the horse and the boss on separate occasions)
    Moroes (usually Moroes and the prot warrior)
    Maiden of Virtue (tank)
    Opera Event (tanked all three events, usually Scarecrow in Oz and Romulo in Romeo/Juliet)
    The Curator (tank)
    Terestian Illhoof (usually imp tank)
    Shade of Aran (off-tank and main tank on separate occasions)
    Netherspite (starting green or starting red beam tank)
    Chess Event: Bishop or Queen
    Prince Malchezaar (main tank)
    Nightbane (add or boss tank)

    Gruul’s Lair
    High King Maulgar: Warlock or Maulgar tank
    Gruul: Off-tank

    Magtheridon (third or fourth cube add)

    Hydross the Unstable (nature tank)
    The Lurker Below (I have both main tanked and off tanked for this encounter)
    Morogrim Tidewalker (I have main tanked and sometimes have helped gathering Murlocs with the pallies)
    Fathom-Lord Karathress (Off tanked Caribdis, Shaman and main tanked Karathress on separate occasions)
    Leotheras The Blind (Backup tank and DPS)
    Lady Vashj (off tanked adds or main tanked)

    Void Reaver (Off tanked and Main tanked)
    A'lar (off tanked and main tanked)
    Solarian (Main tank, as well as add tank)
    Kael'Thas Sunstrider (a more elaborate description for this one):
    Phase 1: Telonicus or Sanguinar
    Phase 2: Axe
    Phase 3: Telonicus or Sanguinar
    Phase 4: Main tank, off tank
    Phase 5: Main tank, off tank

    Mount Hyjal:
    Rage Winterchill (Main tank and DPS)
    Anetheron (Main tank and DPS)
    Kaz'rogal (Main tank and DPS)
    Az'galor (Main tank and off tanking the demon guys that spawn after a Doom)
    Archimonde (Main tank and DPS)

    Black Temple:
    Naj'entus (Main tanked and DPS)
    Supremus (Main tank and Hateful strike tank)
    Shade of Akama (Picking up the Defenders, Left side add tank, right side add tank)
    Teron Gorefiend (Main tank, DPS and backup tank. I was very apt at killing the Constructs in this encounter, and I was made the “Construct officer” at one point, in charge of teaching new members how to properly kill their constructs without having any get to the raid.)
    Gurtogg Bloodboil (Main tank and off tank)
    Reliquary of Souls (Eating damage phase one, eating enrages phase 1, Main tank phase 2, interrupts phase 2, DPS phase 3)
    Mother Shahraz (main tank)
    Illidari Council (Gathios the shatterer tank)
    Illidan Stormrage (Main tank phase 1. I watch and call out eye beams for phase 2/ add tank. Main tank phase 3. Main tank phase 5.)

    Sunwell Plateau (post-nerf):
    Kalecgos (Kalecgos tank #1, Sathrovarr tank starting at 6th portal)
    Brutallus (First tank)


    Anub’rekhan (Tanked crypt guards and boss)
    Grand Widow Faerlina (Tanked boss, add tank)
    Momma Said Knock You Out 10/25
    Maexxna (Tanked boss, spider adds)
    Arachnophobia 10/25
    Noth the Plaguebringer (Main tank, adds)
    Heigan the Unclean (MT, dps-tank)
    The Safety Dance (10/25)
    Loatheb (Main tank, Spore loser tank, dps)
    Spore Loser 10/25
    Instructor Razuvious (Add tank, orb in ten man)
    Gothik the Harvester (Undead or living side, tank boss in phase 2)
    Four Horsemen (I've tanked all of them)
    And they Would All Go Down Together 10/25
    Patchwerk (Main tank or hateful strike tank)
    Make Quick Werk of Him 10/25
    Grobbulus (Main tank, Slime tank)
    Gluth (Main tank)
    Thaddius (Feugen/Stalagg tank, Thaddius tank)
    Shocking 10/25
    Sapphiron (Main tank, dps)
    The Hundred Club (10/25)
    Kel’thuzad (Phase 1 tank, Main tank, sometimes add tank after 45%, and sometimes the adds and the boss)
    Just Can't get Enough 10/25
    The Dedicated Few 10
    The Undying 10; people kept dying on KT/Sapphiron for Immortal.
    Glory of the Raider 10.

    0D: (Main tank, add tank)
    3D: (Main tank after all the drakes are dead and taking over for the druid tank because I still have some CD's up, drake tank, portal tank) 10/25
    Gonna go When the Volcano Blows 10/25

    Phase 1: (Main tank, DPS)
    Phase 2: (Add tank)
    Phase 3: Drake DPS
    You Don’t Have An Eternity 10
    A Poke in the Eye 10/25
    Denyin' the Scion 10/25

    Vault of Archavon:
    Archavon (MT/OT)
    Emalon (MT)

    Flame Leviathan (Siege engine gunner) 10/25
    Shutout 10
    Orbituary 10/25
    Razorscale (MT for most of phase 2) 10/25
    A Quick Shave 10
    Dwarfageddon 25
    Ignis (MT, OT on adds) 10/25
    Stokin’ The Furnace 25
    Shattered 10
    Hot Pocket 25
    XT-002 (MTed this one, and gathered the sparks on another occasion) 10/25
    Heartbreaker 10/25
    Nerf Gravity Bombs 10/25
    Nerf Engineering 10/25
    Kologarn (MT/OT) 10/25
    Rubble and Roll 25
    Disarmed 25
    Assembly of Iron (I have tanked each of the bosses on separate occasions) 10/25
    I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir 10/25
    I Choose You, Steelbreaker 10
    I Choose You, Runekeeper Molgeim 25
    Auriaya (Add tank, Feral Spirit tank, and MT) 10/25
    Nine Lives 10/25
    Crazy Cat Lady 10
    Thorim (I tanked the occasional add, all the mini-bosses, and occasionally Thorim) 10/25
    I’ll Take You All On 10/25
    Lose Your Illusion 10/25
    Don’t Stand in the Lightning 10/25
    Who Needs Bloodlust? 25
    Freya (MTed Freya, adds) 10/25
    We never managed to finish the complete Hard Mode, but we came relatively close on several occasions. Suffice to say, I have experience in the encounter, but have not completed it.
    Knock on Wood 25
    Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood 10
    Con-speed-atory 10
    Hodir (MT) 10/25
    I Could Say That His Cache Was Rare 10
    I also remember being there for the 25 man achievement, but I think it bugged or we missed it by one second or something. At any rate, not a hard achievement and my guild had it down whether I was there or not.
    Getting Cold in Here 25
    Cheese the Freeze 10/25
    Staying Buffed All Winter 10/25
    I Have the Coolest Friends 10/25
    Mimiron (MT) 10/25
    We never came close to the hard mode on this one.
    General Vezax (I often tanked the Animus, but I MTed him on one or two occasions) 10/25
    Yogg-Saron (Add tank, emergency tentacle tank if the bear druid went down) 10/25
    Drive Me Crazy 25
    We actually came obnoxiously close to one-keeper Yogg, but we wiped at 2% or so.

    I was also part of Purpose’s World 6th Conqueror of Ulduar Achievement. I myself do not have the achievement, because I sat out on some of the earlier bosses to give the spot to people who needed loot. Once we had gotten Conqueror of Ulduar locked in at World 6th, we only did Hard Modes and I never got a chance to get some of the other bosses before people stopped showing up for raids, and Purpose eventually disbanded on a high note. I quit the game, and the achievement was removed long before I came back.

    Cataclysm: (None of this was done as current content)

    Beth’tilac (tank up top, tank in phase 2) 10 Normal/heroic
    Shannox (Shannox tank, phase 2 tank) 10 Normal/heroic
    Alysrazor (Hatchling and periodic phase 2/ground tank) 10 normal/heroic
    Lord Rhyolith (melee DPS on this one, as arms) 10 normal/heroic
    Baleroc (MT, single tank method) 10 Normal/heroic
    Share the Pain
    Majordomo Staghelm (Tank, and arms DPS) 10 normal/heroic
    Only the Penitent
    Ragnaros (tank #2, son stunlocker) 10 Normal/heroic

    Dragon Soul: (ultra-nerfed)
    Morchok (Kohcrom/Morchok tank) 10 heroic
    Yor’sahj the Unsleeping (tank and Arms DPS) 10 normal/heroic
    Warlord Zon’ozz (MT with unusual positioning method) 10 normal/heroic
    Hagara the Stormbinder (MT) 10 normal/heroic
    Ultraxion (MT/soaker) 10 normal/heroic
    Warmaster Blackhorn: 10 normal/heroic (Add tank P1, starting Goriona tank phase 2)
    Spine of Deathwing (Amalgamation tank, blood tank) 10 normal/heroic

    Madness of Deathwing (Impale tank/ Blood tank phase 1, Terror tank phase 2) 10 normal/heroic
    Chromatic Champion


    Stone Guard (Tanking the lone Guardian) 10 normal/heroic
    Feng the Accursed (Nullification Barrier tank) 10 normal/heroic
    Gara’jal the Spiritbinder (Main tank) 10 normal/heroic
    Spirit Kings (Main tank on normal/heroic, I’ve also DPSed heroic once) 10 normal/heroic
    Elegon (Starting on protector tank, sometimes soaking the explosion) 10 normal/heroic
    Will of the Emperor (tank) 10 normal/heroic

    Heart of Fear:
    Imperial Vizier Zor’lok (Main tank on normal, boss tank on heroic) 10 normal/heroic
    Blade Lord Ta’yak (tank) 10 normal/heroic
    Garalon (Tank and pheromone kiter) 10 normal/heroic
    Wind Lord Mel’jarak (Boss tank on normal, lone tank on heroic) 10 normal/heroic
    Amber-Shaper Un’sok (I have tanked both the Monstrosity and the boss) 10 normal/heroic
    Grand Empress Shek’zeer (Reaver tank on normal, Reaver tank on heroic with good attempts as windblade tank) 10 normal/heroic

    Terrace of the Endless Spring:
    Protectors of the Endless (Regail/Asani tank on regular, sometimes Kaolan on Elite) 10 normal elite /heroic (tanking all three on heroics plus interrupts)
    Tsulong (tank, add stun duty in day phase) 10 normal/heroic
    Lei Shi (tank) 10 normal/heroic
    Sha of Fear (tank) 10 normal heroic (Naked and Afraid tank on heroic)

    Throne of Thunder
    Jin’rokh the Breaker (tank) 10 normal/heroic and 25 heroic
    Horridon 10 normal (some attempts on boss with BoPs, got to Jalak on heroic tanking adds on gates 2 and 4)
    Council of Elders (Sul tank and swapping Malakk with other tank) 10/25 normal
    Tortos 10 heroic (tanking the boss, some experience with bats)
    Megaera 10 (tank) normal and attempts up to fifth head on heroic
    Ji-kun 10/25 normal and 10 heroic (staying on the platform with Ji-Kun)
    Durumu 10/25 normal
    Primordius (slime and boss tank) 10/25 normal
    Dark Animus 10/25 normal (add tank)
    Iron Qon 10/25 normal, and up to last phase on heroic (tank)
    Twin Consorts 10/25 normal (I have tanked both Lu’lin and Suen on separate occasions) 10/25 normal
    Lei Shen 10/25 normal (decapitate tank and fusion slash tank)

    What guilds have you been a member of and why are you leaving?
    I’ll start in WotLK, since that’s when I started to do more serious raiding. I can fish up some older stuff if you’d like.
    Be Negative: Be Negative was a competitive, hardcore guild with almost all the server firsts except 10 man Sartharion 3D. I worked on Sarth and a number of Naxx achievements with them, and a few Ulduar bosses on the PTR. Right before the Ulduar launch, the guild leader left and transferred servers leaving the guild in disarray, and it eventually collapsed. I was in this guild for about a month or two before Ulduar launched, and transferred off about a week before Ulduar to Farm Status on Rexxar.
    Farm Status: I transferred to Rexxar to join Farm Status, the top guild on the server, and a top 50 US guild. They cleared Ulduar with almost all the server first kills. With them, I personally cleared some of the encounters in Ulduar, including the server firsts for Kologarn, Iron Council, Auriaya, Thorim, and Freya. This was all in the first week (possibly week and a half – I don’t remember too well) after Ulduar launch. The environment was pretty vitriolic and unfriendly, and I just flat out did not have a good time raiding with them.
    Purpose: I left Farm Status and joined Purpose on Argent Dawn on about week 2 or 3 of Ulduar and they had finished their first full clear. I joined as a replacement for the main warrior tank that had to step down, and I fit in well. We did lots of achievements and the most of the hard modes (the vast majority of the Ulduar achievements listed above were with them), but we disbanded after getting World 6th Conqueror of Ulduar (listed above) when people stopped showing up. After my time with Purpose, I decided to quit WoW for a long time and I only returned for the end of Cataclysm.
    Shatter (Area 52): I had some issues with Shatter because I was on a very casual weekend raid team, and I wanted more hardcore progression, and I didn’t think I would get it by starting raids on Saturday. I raided with them at the very tail end of Cataclysm in ultra-nerfed DS.

    Oblivion (Lightning’s Blade): I raided with the second raid team on Oblivion, but the group was fairly unstable. There were a lot of people coming and going, and lots of raids had to be called as a result. The group had a bit of a revolving-door system going on where whenever we would pick up a new person, someone would leave. I wanted more stability, and I was a little fed up with a long two-week period where we didn’t raid at all.

    Toned (Llane) (formerly Judgement): I had just joined Toned as a recruit in an attempt to get back into more competitive waters. However, the trial period was extremely short, and judged me within only a few boss fights and was not a good representation of how I played. The trial period consisted mostly of me tanking the echo on Heroic Vizier, a boss I had never done before. I was still learning the fight, and by the third or fourth attempt we were getting him below 10%. They said I had good potential but they decided to call on their previous warrior tank with more experience and history with them to come back and tank with them until the end of the tier. I was offered a spot as a potential backup, but I wanted to be in a guild where I could have a core position.

    Method (Dragonmaw): I joined Method (US) and was quite successful. They were having issues with their previous warrior tank, and on my first night, we downed Heroic Tsulong, and then killed heroic Lei Shi (which they had never worked on before) the following day. We worked on heroic Sha for two to two and a half weeks, and we were making good progress, and wiped at 1% on what would have been a US 18th kill. After that, people were under the impression we were starting to stagnate, when in reality, we had been getting sub 8-9% for quite a few attempts in a row. Morale started to drop, and our resto druid decided he was done raiding, which just exacerbated the morale issue. Our raid leader had to deal with his wife being extremely ill, and before I knew it, everything was falling apart in a matter of days. The GM decided to notify the raiders that we were done raiding.

    Been There Downed That: I was coming off almost a month hiatus from raiding while looking for a new guild after Method disbanded. I finally found a guild in Been There Downed that where I raided for the last two weeks of 5.0 raids and the opening week and a half of Throne of Thunder, swapping in and out for certain bosses. I had some bad breaks with this guild during my trial and made some dumb mistakes. I feel like I didn't play my best and my rust from not raiding for a month showed on some occasions. The GM really didn't seem too keen on me, but a lot of the other guild members and officers didn't really see a problem. The stances on me seemed pretty divisive, but ultimately it was the GM's call.
    The trial had some highs and lows, so they decided to give me a second trial to see if I would improve. I did much better the second week of ToT, making few mistakes except two or three on heroic Horridon when everyone was really frustrated. The frustration led to a few hasty decisions and the GM informed me that I wasn't going to be offered a full-time spot (I checked after the raid, and it seemed he did not consult the other officers before telling me this).
    Nurfed: I started up again in 25s for my first time since WotLK, and I felt like I was getting some of my good play back. I sat for the better raid comp of druid/DK tank on Horridon heroic progression. Their trial basis was done on the basis of consensus by all guild members, and the GM told me he had a feeling that I would receive some no votes when my trial ended based on personality and had little to nothing to do with performance, and that warranted removing me from the guild. When I asked why, he said he wasn’t able to elaborate. This sounds sketchy as fuck, but I shit you not, this actually happened. I have the conversation in its entirety screenshot in the links below (in order):
    HC: I joined Healer Chat on Burning Legion for a trial period of two weeks because one of their tanks had to leave. With them, I worked on multiple progression bosses including kills of heroic Tortos and Ji-Kun. I made some poor mistakes and my play wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be on certain pulls. In general, I adapted pretty well to most fights and learned quickly, but I felt there was still a level of rust apparent in my play; the officers said I was a solid player but that they decided to go with a former tank that used to play for them instead.

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)?
    I’m looking for somewhere where I can pick up my play and contribute to a raiding environment like I used to. I’ve been really dissatisfied with my own play recently and I want a good environment where I can shake off this rust and play in a semi-hardcore guild and get good results both from myself and my fellow raiders. You guys seem like a fun group and seem to be at an appropriate level to help me get back to where I want to be in raiding.

    How did you find us (Friend,Forum,Trade Chat,Officer, etc.)(specify)?
    I found about you through WoWProgress, and I spoke to Yttrius for some general information.

    Tell us about yourself, to help us determine if you would be a good fit here (The more you put here, the better it looks):

    I’m a 20 year-old, male psychology major at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I try to balance school, social life, and WoW and have the best time doing it.
    I started playing WoW in Vanilla around the release of MC, and I think I hit 60 around the release of Blackwing Lair, if I recall correctly. I was pretty casual in Vanilla, only getting as far as the end of MC. I extended my raiding career in TBC, playing from day one and raiding most content while it was current, with the exception of a couple difficult bosses like Kael’thas and Vashj. We also did not clear BT before the release of Sunwell, and only got as far as Felmyst before the release of WotLK. I raided Naxx when it was current, and I raided competitively in Ulduar. I was very successful in hardcore raiding in Ulduar, but our guild disbanded mid-tier, and that, in combination with school intensifying by starting the IB program, made it a really good time for me to stop playing.
    I’m also a raider with a good attitude who knows to put the guild over personal matters. I’ve had a rough ride with guilds recently, but I hope you can look past that and see a good raider who’s only looking to bounce back and go hard.

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    Re: Aerniskliwbi - Prot warrior

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    Thanks for the application. It is currently under review. Please allow us time to go over it.

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