How to Disagree with a Loot Decision in SoA

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    How to Disagree with a Loot Decision in SoA Empty How to Disagree with a Loot Decision in SoA

    Post by Cobane on Sat May 19, 2012 6:13 pm


    This guild has an etiquette for how to approach the Loot Master with any concerns or disagreements regarding his or her decisions. The Loot Master works very hard to keep things as fair as possible while distributing loot. It is important to show respect for the effort he or she is putting forth. Loot Master is not a nice job; It doesn't come with gratitude or praise, but it does have to be done so the guild moves forward in it's stated goals. When something drops and you don't like how it's being distributed, the following 'DOs' are the proper ways to be respectful and polite to the LM:

    -Read and understand the Loot Rules and Mount Policy threads.

    -Think carefully about the importance of your disagreement in the grand scheme of things prior to expressing it.

    -Whisper the LM, calmly and politely with your thoughts on the matter.

    -If it is a concern that you feel extremely passionate about, seriously consider sleeping on it for a night before approaching the LM so that both of you are calm and collected.

    -Respect the response the LM gives and let it rest after that; This was your only appeal.

    -If the LM asks to speak with you about it later, it is OK to remind the LM at a later time about your wish to talk.


    The 'DON'T' section below lists things you absolutely should avoid at all costs. Doing some of these things will get you kicked from the guild on the spot. THIS POST IS YOUR WARNING. We do not tolerate drama here and if you can't be respectful towards your fellow player and LM, then this isn't the place for you.

    -Threaten the LM.

    -Argue your point in open vent. (Even if the LM responds to your whisper in open vent, do NOT take that as an invitation to have an argument.)

    -Rabble-rouse other members to attempt majority support. If they feel as strongly about the matter as you do, they will have already contacted the LM. You are misdirecting raid focus.

    -Take the decision personally. Focusing on how the LM didn't see your side of the argument all week will just cause trouble.

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