General Loot Rules *Reposted*

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    General Loot Rules *Reposted* Empty General Loot Rules *Reposted*

    Post by Cobane on Sat May 19, 2012 6:23 pm

    Loot is a tool, not a reward!

    Loot is given out based off a simple heuristic evaluation system. The questions are listed from most important to least. If you fail a question at any point, the logic train ends for you and the item is awarded to someone else. There are preconditions that must be met. If those preconditions are filled, then the item will be evaluated based on the heuristic train.


    The toon in question is a main character for the raid.
    The item is for your main spec.
    All players being considered are/are not Trial or Friend rank.

    9- Are there any known or potential upcoming absences on progression days or at any time that may hinder progression (reliability)?
    8- Is the person’s role in progression crucial to success (essential)?
    7- Does the item complete a set bonus that benefits the raid (group benefits)?
    6- Is the person performing to the level required for current and future fights relative to their current gear (performance)?
    5- Is the person under geared relative to the raid group (weakest link)?
    4- Will the item be quickly replaced (mileage)?
    3- Does the item complete a set bonus (relative value)?
    2- Does the item perform significantly better for your particular class than others (relative value II)?
    1- Which player's item is lower item level or which player has the lower overall item level (relative value III)?

    --Raider and Casual ranks will be tracked to help make an informed decision on your reliability.

    --Trial members will be given priority on loot for main spec over Friends. No item will be disenchanted if a main spec can make use of it.

    WHAT IF:

    (5.a) OFF SPEC, GREED:
    A person may win an off spec item only if all players' main specs are not in need of the item. If two or more players want an item for their off spec, they will be subject to the following question:

    -If there are 2 off specs in need, is either player often called on to use their off spec in raids?

    Items wanted solely for it's item level, transmogrification, or any other unnecessary purpose will be handed out before the item is disenchanted unless the enchanting mats are valuable to the guild for progression purposes.

    If PUGs are in the raid, we have to give them a chance to win BoP loot. If an item drops that is an upgrade for the PUG's main spec, he or she will /roll against all guildies who need the item. IF the PUG wins the roll, he or she wins the item. But IF a guildie wins the roll, we will award the loot to the guildie who would normally win the item based on our guild loot system.

    -The guildie who wins the roll will not necessarily win the item (if rolling due to a PUG needing that item).

    If a BoE drops, it is the raid leader's discretion as to keep it for guild bank gold or to allow the PUG to roll for it.

    (5.c) PATTERNS:
    If professional patterns (or other similar items) still drop from instances, you can also submit a Pattern List with your Gear List. You will then be considered first if the pattern drops.
    -If 2 or more players want the pattern and have all submitted a Pattern List, officers will decide or in some cases it will be /roll.

    (5.d) MOUNTS:
    See the Mount Policy post. Raider status will be tracked to determine vanity rewards.

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