Ulrak - Feral Druid - ACCEPTED



    Ulrak - Feral Druid - ACCEPTED

    Post by Guest on Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:19 am

    Character Name: Ulrak
    Class: Druid
    Talent Spec: Feral/Feral

    Your age: less than 100.

    Your weekly raid availability (We raid Fri/Sat 6-10pm server + Sun 4-8 server):
    Frequently available during those times.

    Provide the armory link to the character you are applying with:

    What previous raid experience do you have? everything in ICC with SoA except LK!

    What guilds have you been a member of? SoA

    Why did you leave your previous and current guilds? Didn't!

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)?

    As you know I filled in as off-tank while Deezd was on sabbatical. When she came back I switched to Psiok so i could raid with you. Then I took a few months break. Now I'm playing again but don't like what changes mages got for Cataclysm. I dusted off my feral druid and really like the cat dps style, so I'm giving Druid a go for Cataclysm.

    I really like SoA and want this toon to be part of the guild but understandably Sangrey wanted me to re-apply due to my absence and switch of toons, so thats what I'm doing.

    I think I've demonstrated my ability to play well and all that stuff, so I'll skip a lot of the normal app questions and just ask that you consider me for the guild, even in a non-raider spot.

    Thanks and hope to be part of SoA again soon.
    Probably One of Kuze's Alts
    Probably One of Kuze's Alts

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    Re: Ulrak - Feral Druid - ACCEPTED

    Post by Nalladar on Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:19 am

    /whisper Sangrey this guy did no suck too bad....oops lol jk
    Good to see you playing again. You able to do heroics yet? If so and you want to run with someone hit me up.



    Post by Guest on Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:18 am

    No idea what I'm doing wrong but I had a devil of a time hitting the 329 requirement for heroics. I'm questing and running normals like crazy but my gear level hovered around 322. Finally I figured out I could buy caster pieces with rep to sit in my inventory to get my iLevel average up, so I finally hit 330. However using that strategy I'm not gonna be tanking any time soon Smile

    My health as a tank is around 123-130 depending on buffs so I'll wait till I see it up at the 150 range before I try to tank.

    I will however eagerly run heroics with anyone as dps. I've been pulling 8k-10k depending on the boss fight from what I read is ok for heroics.
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    Level 52 Warrior

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    Re: Ulrak - Feral Druid - ACCEPTED

    Post by Rafi on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:22 pm

    His threat is terrible zomg. At least in H BRC where bleeds get buffed an insane amount.

    I vote get this guy the fuck in!

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    Re: Ulrak - Feral Druid - ACCEPTED

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