Caige - Holy/Ret Paladin - DENIED


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    Caige - Holy/Ret Paladin - DENIED

    Post by Caige on Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:51 pm

    Character Name: Caige
    Class: Paladin
    Talent Spec: Holy/Ret (Ret sucks though)

    Your age: 15

    Your weekly raid availability (We raid Fri/Sat 6-10pm server + Sun 4-8 server):
    ---Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

    What add-ons do you use (Check our Information for Raiders page to see our required mods)?
    ---Omen, DBM, Decursive, and Pallypower

    Do you have access to Vent?
    ---Of course

    What sort of tools (calculators, builders, spreadsheets, etc.) do you use to plan your characters (if any)?

    Provide the armory link to the character you are applying with:

    List any ICC 25 achievements you have:
    ---Storming the Citadel; I've Gone and Made a Mess; 1/2 Halls 1/2 Blood

    Please include a screenshot of your UI:

    What are your best in slot items for each slot from ICC 10 normal mode (Give us your gear wishlist)?
    ---Choker of Filthy Diamonds: Rotface
    ---Signet of Putrefaction: Festergut
    ---Ancient Skeletal Boots: Lord Marrowgar
    ---Bracers of Pale Illumination: Gunship
    ---Lockjaw: Rotface
    ---Lost Pavise of the Blue Dragonflight: Sindragosa
    ---Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer: Lich King

    What previous raid experience do you have?
    -ICC 10: 11/12
    -ICC 25: 6/12
    -Voa 10/25: 4/4
    -ToC 10: 5/5
    ToC 25: 5/5

    What guilds have you been a member of?
    <Procella Oculus>

    Why did you leave your previous and current guilds?
    ---Each had increasingly better raid scheduals to fit my available times, SoA being the best (I am most from on weekends before 10 PM, cause then I go hang out with people)

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)?
    ---I enjoy 10's more than 25's in general because I feel it has focus on the individual as well as the group/guild as an entirety. I also love the raid times, because since I am a kid I have school, friends, and stuff on weekdays and that leaves weekends the perfect time to raid. I had yet to find an adequate weekend raid guild, until SoA.

    Tell us about yourself, to help us determine if you would be a good fit here (The more you put here, the better it looks):
    ---I am kid so I am lighthearted and love to have a good time. Telling jokes and making a raid more fun is what i like to do. Im not a QQer so feel free to make fun of me Very Happy. Though I do know a raid is created to get things done and I can be serious whenever is needed. I am slightly immature, do not want to lie, but if i am getting on someone's nerves or whatever just tell me to shut up and I will. I am captain of my school's varsity soccer team and president of my Sophomore class. WoW is very fun and I am a very adequate healer if I do say so myself Very Happy
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    Re: Caige - Holy/Ret Paladin - DENIED

    Post by Cobane on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:38 am

    Thanks for applying to Shade of Arrows! We are not interested. Best of luck in your search.

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