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    563 Guardian Druid

    Post by mazeppa2 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:07 pm

    Your age: 24

    BattleTag: Creativek#1669

    Armory Link of Main: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Mazeppa/simple

    Armory Links of Notable Alts: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Mazsha/simple (Not optimized at the moment)

    World of Logs/WMO Parses: I don't have anything recent, but this is from about a month ago. http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/illidan/mazeppa/

    Screenshot of your UI: https://i.imgur.com/eACjGy2.jpg

    Your weekly raid availability (Tues/Thurs/Sun 8-12pm EST): I can make all of these days.

    What add-ons do you rely on most? I don't really rely on add-ons too much. I would say the most useful ones for me are Tidy Plates - Threat plates and Lucky Charms.

    What resources do you use to keep up to date on how to play your class? I use http://theincbear.com/ primarily for bear. I keep up to date with mmo-champ forums and blizzard druid forums as well.

    What previous raid experience do you have? I raid lead in ToT. We started roughly two months after launch and managed to get 11/13h. Prior to this I have gone 16/16n t14. As for past expansions - t7-Full Clear (Including Twilight Vanquisher prior to Ulduar's release) t8 - Full clear with some hard modes. t9 - 4/5h t10 -10/12h. Didn't raid much in Cata until DS and went 6/8h.

    What guilds have you been a member of and why are you leaving? I was the guild leader of a guild called Irrefutable on Illidan and we have gone through a lot of roster issues lately. Many of the people who were part of the core group had to leave for school and other life issues and maintaining the roster is just too much for me to do at the moment being in graduate school.

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)? A friendly raid environment is very important to me. I watched a couple of your videos and everyone seems very relaxed while playing. Hostile guilds that are run by the younger generation does not really appeal to me. I want to raid with people that I can form longterm friendships with while progressing at a steady place. From the looks of your videos I think you guys have built this sort of environment.

    How did you find us (Friend,Forum,Trade Chat,Officer, etc.)(specify)? I posted on the guild recruitment forums and saw your post on there.

    Are you competitive by nature? If so, who do you compete against (Yourself or others? Specifiy other)? I am very competitive by nature. I am always competing against other guilds on the realm. I hate feeling like I am second place to anything. I want to be first!

    Tell us about yourself to help us determine if you would be a good fit here (The more you put here, the better it looks): I am going into my fourth semester of grad. school studying piano performance. Many hours of each day are devoted to practice time. This requires a great amount of dedication and discipline to do. I would like to think that this translates to everything I do in life. I am very dedicated and consider myself a perfectionist. I am always trying to improve myself whether it be in game or in life. If I am doing something wrong I would hope someone would point it out to me so that I can fix it.

    Hope you consider my application!

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