Valokyr - 528/529 Warlock (not done upgrading)


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    Valokyr - 528/529 Warlock (not done upgrading)

    Post by vaerloga on Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:51 pm

    Your age:
    25 years of age

    Armory Link of Main:

    Armory Links of Notable Alts:

    World of Logs/WMO Parses: - old Alliance guild - Trial Attempts in SoA

    Screenshot of your UI:,Z4qbZKe#1

    Your weekly raid availability (Tues/Thurs/Sun 8-12pm EST):  Tues - Thursday and Sunday are all open for me

    What add-ons do you rely on most? Affdots, Bigwigs (recently changed), Skada (for healing, damage taken, etc.)

    What resources do you use to keep up to date on how to play your class? I use a variety of sources of youtube videos, haste breakpoints charts (totemspot, EJ, etc.), and Forum posts

    What previous raid experience do you have? I raided Dragon Soul normal and some heroic modes the very last month of Cataclysm, all of tier 14 (when it was current/relevant), and tier 15.

    What guilds have you been a member of and why are you leaving? Intent, Shade of Arrows, Anomaly

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)? I'm looking to see full heroic content for once.

    How did you find us (Friend,Forum,Trade Chat,Officer, etc.)(specify)? Wowprogress

    Tell us about yourself, to help us determine if you would be a good fit here (The more you put here, the better it looks):

    I started the game last year when my brother got me the game through refer-a-friend when that rocket mount was still available.  We leveled immediately and I started with a mage, because I thought portals were awesome.  I then leveled a death knight and a warrior soon after to see a melee class rather than ranged.  I wanted to play every spec in the game to see what I liked the most and was able to level everything but a priest, shaman, and rogue by the end of cataclysm.  When MOP came out, I thought about not continuing due to finances at the time, but came into a bit of a good point in my life, so I decided to continue playing.  I was watching videos like Preach Gaming and The Waffle Podcast as the tier continued for my news and updates.  After 3 weeks of doing full clears of normal mode farm runs, the guild leader, raid leader, and some of the main-key players in the raid team took a break for real life events, problems, etc. that prevented them from continuing further leaving me in a hot spot.  I then began looking at other servers due to the lackluster server I am from currently.  My problem finding a guild was to find a 10m guild that wasn't stuck in normal mode on a big enough server that'd I'd be interested in, so I then took a look at horde guilds, which better fit my desires.  I found this guild, and added the contacts, got a few bites, and transferred my toon over.

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