Gulldan - Demo Warlock - DENIED


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    Gulldan - Demo Warlock - DENIED

    Post by Vladze on Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:38 am

    Character Name: Gulldan

    Class: Demonology Warlock

    Main and Off Talent Specs: MS Demo OS Affliction

    Your age: 21

    Armory Link of Main:

    Armory Links of Notable Alts:

    World of Logs/WMO Parses: Usually the tanks in this guild don't let us prepot etc, here are some decent logs I found:

    H Yorsaj

    Norm Madness

    For both fights in this case i could try to time Metemophasis better provided i use a few soulfires minor dps loss for a greater dps gain. On Yorsaj i would loss metamorph early halfway through killing the black ooze adds. On madness i could only ues meta once a platform. either help out lacking dps on the Corruption or maximize the dps on the wing/tentacle. In this case i am forced to use it on the corruption.

    Screenshot of your UI:

    Your weekly raid availability (We raid Fri/Sat/Sun 4-8pm PST): Will make those Time 100%

    What add-ons do you rely on most? Omni cc, Dbm, Afflicted sometimes, bartender, fatality, and a few more.

    What resources do you use to keep up to date on how to play your class? ElitestJerks forums + talking to experienced high end raiders in my class/spec + looking up the high dps in World of Logs

    What previous raid experience do you have? 6/7 H FL 3/8H DS Experience. I leveled this Warlock a few months ago, and decided to devote my time to raiding on him. Guild history is not extensive, After Picking me up Ex Cinis Cineris went 8/8 to 2/8 H them at a faster progression pace. But now there are various group issues such as attendance, lack of awareness, etc that keep us from progressing at a decent rate.

    What guilds have you been a member of and why are you leaving? Ex Cinis Cineris was the first more or less decent guild I joined after hitting 85.

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)? Unsatisfied with the level of play of my group. I know for a fact I can do better in a group that actually lets me prepot has healers remembering to use CD's and people in general that follow mechanics. Here is a quote from our priest after a night of raiding on Heroic yorsaj "Wait I'm not supposed to AoE when the purple Ooze is up?" ( -_-'')

    How did you find us (Friend,Forum,Trade Chat,Officer, etc.)(specify)? Someone from your guild replied to my WoW Forum Post. =)

    Tell us about yourself, to help us determine if you would be a good fit here (The more you put here, the better it looks): I like to be short and sweet Vlad, 21, Premed student. School/work during the day, Hardcore raider by night. =P I have a fun personality but I’m a very serious raider. Please consider my application.

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