Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN


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    Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN

    Post by aro on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:59 am

    Character Name: Âro (alt-code 0194)
    Class: Priest
    Talent Spec: Disc/Holy

    Your age: 16

    Your weekly raid availability (We raid Fri/Sat 6-10pm server + Sun 4-8 server):
    I am available all of those days and times in addition to all other days except occasional wednesday nights.

    What add-ons do you use (Check our Information for Raiders page to see our required mods)?
    This is a long list... affraid
    ACB cast bar
    addon control pannel
    az cast bar
    big brother
    bonus scanner cont.
    button faccade
    color tools
    dr. damage
    Good damage font 2.0
    kg panels
    mik's scrolling battle text
    Rating buster
    Satrina buff frames
    Sexy map
    SL data text
    Stuf unit frames
    tidy plates

    I warned you...

    Do you have access to Vent?

    What sort of tools (calculators, builders, spreadsheets, etc.) do you use to plan your characters (if any)?
    I use wow-heroes if that counts. not familiar with these tools.

    Provide the armory link to the character you are applying with:
    *depending on when you view this it may have 2 ungemmed pieces and an item missing an enchant but that is because I just got these items and have not yet done so. They will be soon though.

    List any ICC 25 achievements you have:
    Storming the Citadel and I've Gone and Made a Mess. (I have done more bosses but don't have the achievements.)

    Please include a screenshot of your UI:

    What are your best in slot items for each slot from ICC 10 normal mode (Give us your gear wishlist)?
    Helm= None
    Neck= None
    Shoulder= None
    Back= None (see a pattern? scratch)
    Chest= None
    Wrist=Wait for it... Bracers of Dark Blessings from Lady Deathwhisper (only to get rid of my pvp bracers)
    Gloves= None
    Belt= None
    Legs= Leggings of the Refracted Ming from Dreamwalker
    Feet= None
    Ring= None
    Ring= Signet of Putrification from Festergut
    Trinket= None
    Trinket= Sliver of Pure Ice from Marrowgar
    Weapon= None
    OH= None
    Ranged= Lana'thel's Bloody Nail from Blood Queen

    What previous raid experience do you have?
    I did not start playing until a little before toc was introduced (the patch escapes me, 3.3 i believe). However I have seen a lot of content on this toon as well as a now retired DK. My raid experience is full clears of 10/25man naxx, 6 bosses on uld10, full clears of Toc10/25, and 3/4 on Rs10.

    What guilds have you been a member of?
    Illicitus, PreEminence, and Crimson Lotus (currently still a member)

    Why did you leave your previous and current guilds?
    Illicitus- this guild was quite plainly vulgar far beyond my liking and also was not caring of its members.
    PreEminence- A nice guild but after I had to take a break from wow for an extended time I no longer had any of the friends from when I had left and as a result I no longer enjoyed being in the guild.
    Crimson Lotus- Although they are a very fun group of people they are simply not making any effort to progress and with cata looming ahead I want to finish strong in raids as opposed to not working at it as much as I would like.

    Why do you want to join Shade of Arrows (Be thorough with your answer)?
    I could be brief and simply say I feel this is a strong, progressing guild that I want to be a part of. But then I would be ignoring the parenthesis. I feel this guild will be a good match for what I am looking for as it is progressing and doing well at it. I also want to join because I feel the guild will give me the challenge I am looking for as well as a more fun experience. From who I talked to the people seem friendly and sociable and I would enjoy getting to know everyone.

    Tell us about yourself, to help us determine if you would be a good fit here (The more you put here, the better it looks): affraid scratch
    I like to think I am intelligent, mature, and somewhat comical (although I think that last one is just me. who knows). I like to have a good time and mess around but I know when to be serious, something I think is important. I am very musical and play the tenor saxophone in my high school's jazz ensemble and bass clarinet in symphonic band. I also play tennis when I have some free time. I am a very social person and enjoy meeting new people.
    Hope to see more of you all, Âro.

    As a side note I am currently locked out of icc10/25 so I cannot try out this week, as I saw that a common theme of the other applicants. I am also overzealous. Should have said that above...
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    Re: Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN

    Post by Cobane on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:59 am

    Thanks for applying to SoA! We'll put you on the calendar for trial starting next week. If you don't know the details of some of the later fights in ICC, please read up on them and come prepared.

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    Re: Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN

    Post by Rafi on Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:01 pm

    Sangrey forgets things. We're working on Heroic ICC 10 at the moment and all of the fights have something different.

    The bass clarinet is a fantastic instrument. I had the fortune of playing on one with a low C throughout college.

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    Re: Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN

    Post by aro on Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:20 pm

    I assume I am going to reg icc10 though correct? That must have been nice, I just use the one form my school because I already bought my saxophone. It is a selmer though so it is pretty nice.

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    Level 52 Warrior
    Level 52 Warrior

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    Re: Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN

    Post by Rafi on Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:13 pm

    We've only got one ICC team, so Heroic is what we're doing!

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    Re: Âro - Disc/Holy Priest - WITHDRAWN

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