Savedya- WoL evaluations


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    Savedya- WoL evaluations Empty Savedya- WoL evaluations

    Post by savedya on Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:25 am

    I got in contact with Solaïre, a 14/14H prot pally from Silvermoon, and below is his analysis. I plan to make the changes he suggested for the two fights in particular, as well as reviewing my glyph + talent usage for the other fights.

    I'm assuming, since you requested help in Treckie's stream, that you're the prot paladin that goes by the name of "Savedya". I've gone over  the provided logs in detail, and compared your logs to my own on two marquee bosses - Sha and Juggernaut - the logs of me to which I've compared you are these, for reference:

    The first thing that immediately stands out to me, overall, is that you're doing very well for yourself. I rarely open a prot paladin log and see uptimes and ability usage ratios that are almost identical to my own, but with regards to you, this is exactly the case. Your EF uptime is high without having a low BoG uptime, your SotR uptime is acceptable, and your CS:J ratio is an almost perfect 3:2. There are no fundamental things that need improvement, and this in and of itself is an excellent start.

    What I do take issue with, however, is your tendency to choose sub-par glyphs. Glyphs may seem like little things, but for prot paladins more than any other class, really, optimal glyph choices on a fight-to-fight basis make or break the difference between a solid paladin and an excellent one.

    Take Sha, for example - you've taken Light's Hammer and Glyph of Holy Wrath here; that much is apparent from the logs. First of all, I disagree vehemently with the choice of Light's Hammer on this fight. Your DPS should be taking care of Reflections handily, which makes the DPS contribution from Light's Hammer negligible, and players are on the move very often, which makes the healing utility of LH limited on this fight. During progression, I personally took Holy Prism on this fight, but since it is significantly devalued in 25 on fights with little constant damage, I currently use ES instead. I would also strongly consider Glyph of Focused Shield and the minor Glyph of Focused Wrath on this fight - the only thing that matters here is boss DPS, and I feel you could perform better on this metric. You'll notice, in fact, that with a more suited glyph setup (and, granted, a casual Multistrike trinket), I manage to outperform you by almost 60k on this fight, despite having almost 15% less damage on the adds. The same issue repeats itself on Juggernaut. Despite this being a purely single-target fight, you do not seem to have taken Glyph of Focused Shield, and once again, you've chosen Light's Hammer. Neither of these choices are acceptable, given that on Iron Juggernaut, players should never, ever, ever be truly stacked up enough for LH to do anything of value. Make sure to take the glyph, and consider using either Holy Prism or Execution Sentence, depending on how much help your healers need keeping people alive.

    One last thing - and this is perhaps the most damning issue I see in your logs - you are a paladin. To be able to say that you are playing your class at 95% of its potential, simply tunneling your rotation and defensive CDs like most other tanks do is wildly insufficient, and in general, you seem to do this too much. I see very few LoH casts and very little EF blanketing done - in fact, I do 10% more of my total healing on people that are not myself than you do.

    To sum up, while your fundamentals are extremely solid, and will easily take you all the way to 14/14 HC, the finer points of playing prot paladin can still be improved. You should direct your focus to making better choices of glyphs and talents, and to better employing your substantial utility. So say I, Solaïre, 14/14 HC and top 50 Proraiders-ranked prot paladin of Malorum, Silvermoon EU.

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    Savedya- WoL evaluations Empty Re: Savedya- WoL evaluations

    Post by savedya on Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:40 am

    Round two evaluations:
    They are from the same person, Solaïre. Let me know if I need someone else to look at them since I'm double dipping on my sources.

    Your DPS has certainly improved - in fact, it has improved to the point where bar stacking crit or pulling off weird cheese strats, you will not see your numbers increase markedly from here-on out. Your glyph choices also seem more appropriate, but there are a few lvl 90 talent choices I would contest; it is here I still feel you have the most to learn, and perhaps this will only come with more experience.

    Off the top of my head:

    Protectors: ES is awful. One, two good casts of self-targeted Holy Prism will stomp all over Execution Sentence in terms of DPET.

    Norushen: No lvl 90 talent use at all? I assume it's a log bug, but Holy Prism is exceptionally strong here, even in 25. If your healers are 100% unstressed, use ES, but otherwise take HPrism.

    Sha: ES. Always ES. People are often spread too far out of range to be hit by Holy Prism after Swelling Pride, which decreases its value significantly.

    Galakras: Holy Prism. Arcing Light is arguably stronger if the mobs stay in it 100% of the time, but... yeah, they rarely do.

    Iron Juggernaut: Holy Prism unless your healers are gods.

    Dark Shaman: Holy Prism - macroed to self-cast if you tank Kardris (makes short work of slimes), but not if you tank Haromm.

    Malkorok: Never, ever, ever use Holy Prism here. It just doesn't do anything relevant - it's always going to target melee with the heal splash, and melee are never in danger unless someone has fucked something up. Take ES and watch it tick for 2-3 mil on the penultimate and ultimate ticks.

    Spoils: LH looks deceptively attractive here, but unless you guys are super-duper slow, you're never going to get full use out of it. Take Prism instead - you can self-cast whenever people aren't in danger, and top people off instantly after Mogu side AoE bullcrap.

    Now, this is just my thoughts on talents this tier, but as I'm sure you know, you can't rely on a more experienced prot paladin to tell you these things for every new tier, which, overall, leaves you room to grow in two places:

    1. Utility. You've got a crap-ton of raid utility and you just aren't using it efficiently. This is THE difference between a good prot paladin and an exceptional one.

    2. Fight analysis. You're simply making the wrong choices in terms of talents for a lot of fights, which leaves me wondering how much you reflect on how different encounters play or are likely to play out. Much like utility is the divider between good and exceptional paladins, this is the divider between good and exceptional tanks.

    Now, there's really not much more I can say at this point on the sole basis of logs. If you'd like, however, perhaps you could record your next main raid and save it as a highlight on Twitch? This would give me actual video to review - in case there's any conceivable areas of improvement that aren't apparent from your logs, I'm almost certain I'd be able to spot them on video.

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