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    Guides to Celestial Tournament (Complete) Empty Guides to Celestial Tournament (Complete)

    Post by Mewtastic on Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:28 am

       Celestial Tournament Guide

    I tested these turn by turn strats quite a few times and they always worked flawlessly for me. RNG might get the better of you, but I truly did my best to make these strats not rely on luck or RNG. If you dont have any of the pets that can be traded, I'm more than happy to lend some out. Just msg Mew/Kitten in game and I'll do my best to help! Smile

     Below is a list of the tamers. Click their name to go to their section of the guide     

     Lorewalker Cho
    Dr. Ion Goldbloom
     Sully "The Pickle" McLeary

    Wise Mari

    Blingtron 4000

    Shademaster Kiryn


    Chen Stormstout

    Taran  Zhu

       Total pets needed:  
      Anubisath Idol (x2 if you can),

       Terrible Turnip,

       Stitched Pup,

       Rag/Harbringer ,

       Electrified Razortooth,

       Any Rabbit,

       Hawk Owl,

       Emperor Crab,

       Clockwork Gnome,

       Sunreaver Micro Sentry x2,

       Zandalari Ankelrender,


       Rapana Whelk x3

       Skywisp Moth,


       Mech Yeti,

       Darkmoon Zep,

       Nexus Whelpling,

       Mini Mindslayer,

       Emerald Proto-Whelp

      Scourged Whelp

      Fossilized Hatchling

      Unborn Val'kyr

      Pandaren Water Spirit

       Pets that are not Trade-able are:
       Skywisp Moth (Timeless Isle), Electrified Razortooth (isle ofThunder), Clockem (Rank 4 Brawlgar Arena), Emperor Crab and the Rapana Whelks (Both in Dread
       Wastes), Emerald Proto-Whelp (Scholazar Basin).


       Pets to use: Anubisath Idol, Terrible Turnip, Stitched Pup.

      Start with the Pup with the abilities Diseased Bite, Howl, Plagued Blood.

       Turn 1: Howl

       Turn 2: Plagued Blood

       Turn 3: Bite

       Turn 4: Bite

       Nairn should die at this point. Creepy moving Flux Feline comes next. Continue using Pup with Howl, Blood, and Bite (in that order) until pup dies. The Pup and the Feline should both die around the same time, though the Feline will rez since its Mech.

      Bring out Turnip. Use abilities Tidal Wave, Leech Seed, and Sunlight.

    Use the Tidal Wave first to destroy the Turrets, if Feline makes new ones use Tidal again, otherwise use Sunlight and  Seed to finish off the Feline/heal. If Feline doesn’t die, continue to spam Tidal. The Tidal Wave spam should bring Summer down to a pretty low HP before he even comes out.

       Turnip should still be alive when Summer comes. Do not use Sunlight/Seed until after the wolf has used up his Dodge ability, meaning youll use Tidal Wave twice before it falls off.

    Finally, when Turnip dies you should bring out the Idol. I use Rupture to finish off the wolf, but if you didn’t get lucky with Tidal Wave spams you might need to use Crush until he dies.

       Pets to use : Rag/Harbringer , Electrified Razortooth, Any Rabbit with burrow/flurry/dodge abilities.

       Start with the Hare.

       Turn 1: Flurry

       Turn 2: Burrow

       Turn 3: Flurry

       Turn 4: Dodge

       Turn 5: Flurry

       Turn 6: Flurry

       Turn 7: Burrow

       Once Au dies, your hare should still be alive. Use it until Banks dies, prioritizing Burrow > Dodge > Flurry.

       Once Hare dies, bring out Razortooth. Use the abilities Rip, Blood in the water, and Devour

       Turn 1: Rip

       Turn 2: Devour

       Turn 3 (Devour cont)

       Turn 4: Blood in the water

       Turn 5: Devour until death.

       Banks should die here. Use Razortooth until he dies.

       Finish off with your Rag or Harbringer using the Burn, Immolate, and Conflag abilities.

       Use Immolate then Conflag and Lil B should die. He will rez, use w/e you want to finish him off.

       Pets to use : Hawk Owl, Crab, Gnome

       Start with the Hawk. Use abilities Quills, Shirek, and Predatory Strike

       Turn 1: Shriek

       Turn 2: Strike

       Turn 3, 4, and 5: Quills

       Carpe Diem should be dead by now. Continue using Hawk Owl until it dies, Spirus should own it pretty fast.

       Bring out Clockwork Gnome with abilities Metal Fist, Repair, Turret.

       Turn 1: Turret

       Turn 2: Repair

       Turn 3: Turret

       Turn 4: Metal Fist

       Turn 5: Turret

       Turn 6: Metal Fist

       Turn7: Metal Fist

       Turn 8: Turret

       Turn 9: Metal Fist

       You should die, rez and finish him off. Try to get another Turret built before River finishes you.

       Bring out your Crab using Renewing Mists, Surge, and Whirlpool.

       Turn 1: Mists

       Turn 2: Whirlpool

       Turn 3: Surge

       Turn 4: Surge


       Whirlpool  should finish River at this point, if not keep Surging.


       Pets to use: NexusWhelp, Emerald Proto-Whelp, Anubisath Idol

       Start with the Nexus Whelp with abilities Mana Surge and Arcane Storm, and Tail Sweep/Frost Breath.

       Turn 1: Arcane Storm

       Turn 2: Mana Surge

       Turn 3: (Mana surge cont)

       Turn 4: (Mana surge cont) Wisdom should die here.

       Patience comes out, mana surge continues if your 2nd Surge killed Wisdom, and your Nexus Whelp most likely dies from Patience’s first hit. If not, use tail sweep.

       Bring out your Proto Drake with Abilities Breathe, and Proto Strike.

       Turn 1: Start with Strike, then Breathe/Strike until your Proto Drake either kills Knowledge, or dies.

       After/if Proto drake dies, bring out your Idol. Crush Knowledge to death.


       Pets to use : Mini Mindslayer. Clockwork Gnome, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry


       Start with Mindslayer with abilities Inner Vision and Mana Surge.

       Turn 1: Inner Vision

       Turn 2: Mana Surge until Feign Death gets used.

       should come out.

       Bring out your Gnome with the abilities Metal Fist, Repair, Build Turret

       Turn 1: Build Turret

       Turn 2: Metal Fist

       Turn 3: Metal Fist

       Turn 4: Repair

       Turn 5: Turret

       Fist Trike to death.

       If Trike kills Gnome, bring out Sunreaver early to finish it off using the below recommendation

       Bring out Sunreaver with abilities Laser, Extra Plating, Call Lightning when the last pet is up.

       Turn 1: Extra Plating

       Turn 2: Call Lightning

       Turn 3, 4, 5: Laser (Laser the should-be-very-low-HP Pterodax pet down)


       Pets to use : Xu-Fu/Lil Bad Wolf, Hare, Moth (Not your Skywisp Moth, you need him for vs. Xu-Fu)

       Start with your Hare.

       Use Flurry until the hare dies. The hare and Socks should die together.

       Bring out Xu-Fu.


       Turn 1: Prowl

       Turn 2: Feed

       Turn 3, 4, 5: Claws



       This strat is just as viable with Lil’ Bad Wolf. If burrow hasn’t happened yet and you go first, use claw. If you go second, use dodge. The goal here is to have dodge up for the burrow. After this, use Howl and then claw until dead.

       Moth, with abilities Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, and Moth Dust, comes out after Xu-Fu dies. Start with Most Dust, and then finish off with    Alpha Strike if needed.


    Pets to use:Stiched Pup, Unborn Val'kyr, Fossilized Hatchling

    Start with Fossilized Hatchling with abilities Bone Bite and BONESTORM. I used BONESTORM first, then on CD and Bite as filler. Youll get stunned, just pass it.

    When the Hatchling dies, bring out your Val'kyr with abilities Curse of Doom and Haunt. Pretty much you wanna get a curse off and then haunt. Stiched Pup with abilities Howl, Bite, Consume Corpse. Theres no set turn rotation, just Consume Corpse to heal and then do whatever you like to DPS the pet down. I tried these pets in a few diff orders and every time, I overpowered the team just by having so much undead.

    Pets to use:Clockwork Gnome, Anubisath Idol, Pandaren Water Spirit

    ********IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO GET TWO IDOLS, DEFEAT WRATHION BEFORE COMING TO THIS TAMER. You use Idol on Wrathion as a 3rd pet, and as the Idol only gets hit maybe once, his hp barely moves. That being said, you'll still want to have a Terrible Turnip ready with Inspiring Song. Basically start a fight with him as opener, and heal your team. Forfeit. Rinse and repeat.

    Anyways, back to the guide! This comp/guide is from the one on WoWhead as its an easily acquired team and worked for me.

    Open with Clockwork Gnome

    Turn 1: Build Turret
    Turn 2: Pass if stunned Otherwise, use Metal Fist
    Turn 3: Metal Fist
    Turn 4: Metal Fist

    Tonsa usually dies at this point

    Chen will bring out Chirps, keep Clockwork Gnome in for 1 round to soak Lullaby, then swap for Anubisath Idol

    Turn 5: Sandstorm
    Turn 6: Crush
    Turn 7: Crush
    Turn 8: Crush
    Turn 9: Crush

    Chirps usually dies at this point

    Chen brings out Brewly

    Turn 10: Deflection Should block Inebriate
    Turn 11: Sandstorm
    Turn 12: Crush

    Anubisath Idol ususally dies at this point, if not, continue using Crush until he does.

    Bring out Pandaren Water Spirit

    Turn 13: Geyser
    Turn 14: Healing Wave
    Turn 15: Water Jet
    Turn 16: Water Jet
    Turn 17: Water Jet If you are missing attacks, use Healing Wave as needed

    Brewly usually dies at this point.

    Pets to use: Arctic Hare (any rabbit will do), Anubisath Idol, Scourged Whelp

    Start with your Hare with abilities Adrenaline Rush, Flurry, Burrow

    Turn 1: Rush
    Turn 2:Flurry
    Turn 3: Burrow

    Burrow on CD, keep your speed buff up with Rush. Use until Hare dies.

    Bring out your Whelp with abilities Call Darkness, Dreadful Breath

    Start with Darkness Use it on CD. Use Breath on CD as well. It should get Da'dah pretty low by the time your Whelp dies. Bring out your Idol to Crush the remaining life.

    Celestial Pets:



       Pets to use:
       Sunreaver Micro Sentry, Zandalari Ankelrender

       Start with the Sunreaver using Fel Immolate and Call Lightning

       Turn 1: Fel Immolate

       Turn 2: Call Lightning


       Youll die here, rez and use Fel Immolate, you die again.

       Bring out Anklerender with Hunting Party and Black Claw

       Turn 1: Black Claw

       Turn 2: Hunting Party

       should die during this.



       Pets to use: Skywisp Moth, Mech Yeti, Darkmoon Zep

       Start with your Skywisp Moth with the abilities Cocoon Strike and Call Lightning.

       Turn 1: Cocoon Strike

       Turn 2: Call Lightning

       Swap out to Mechanical Yeti.

       Turn 1: Metal Fist

       Turn 2: Cannon (You should die, then rez and use this ability.)

       Bring out the Zep with Missile, Decoy, and Explode.

       Turn 1: Decoy

       Turn 2: Missile

       Turn 3: Missile

       Turn 4: Explode

       Xu-Fu should die.

       Usually this strat works fine. If the zep cannot kill Xu-Fu, use Cocoon Strike followed by Call Lightning and hope for the best.

       If you don’t have all these pets, here is an alternate team that also worked:

       Pets to use:
       Unborn Val’kyr/Ghostly Skull, Sunreaver Sentry (this will be your 3d sentry btw), Any other Mechanical hitting pet.


       Unborn Val’kyr : Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, Unholy Ascension

       Turn 1: Curse of Doom

       Turns 2 – dead: Shadow strike

       Once dead, use Unholy ascension

       (this strat is similar for the Ghostly skull, except instead of Curse of doom, just use Shadow Slash)

       Bring out Tranquil Yeti or Sunreaver Micro-Sentry

       Turn 1: Call Lighting

       At this point Xu-Fu may use an ability which heals him a large amount, if he doesn’t you may kill him next round because Curse of Doom should
       be popping

       Turn 2: If using Yeti, Ion Cannon, if using Sunreaver Fel Immolate – continue as you can until dead

       Bring out other mechanical pet (Clockwork Gnome, Anodized Robo Cub, or Even Anubiseth Idol with Demolish as first ability instead of crush)

       Turn 1: Use strong hitting mechanical attack here. Xu-Fu should be dead now, but if not, keep hitting him until he is.




    should be able to solo with Jab. Use Dodge after Yu’la is in the air (Clockem is faster, he will dodge this). If he dies, Use a    Kun-lai Runt to finish her off using Frost Shock, Deep Freeze, then Takedown combo.




       Pets used
       : Rapana Whelk x3 With abilities Ooze Touch, Acidic Goo, Dive.

       Turn 1: Acidic Goo

       Turn 2: Ooze

       Turn 3: Dive.

    Keep the Acidic Goo debuff up at all times. Use Dive on CD otherwise Ooze Spam. If Chi-Chi is really low, Use    Ooze Touch instead of Dive.

       I only used 2 of my snails to beat her.

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    Added a bunch of html, and easier to read I hope. Next week I will add the final 3 tamers.
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    All hail her Royal Highness, the Queen of Pets, Jessica!

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